Hi, my name is Marco Erspamer!

Ex Gymnastics athlete, Marco Erspamer started his sports career at the age of six and for 10 years practiced this sport with great passion and dedication. At age 16, due to an injury that tormented him from a long time, he decided to quit.

After a short period of athletics, he discovered the sport climbing. From here began an endless love that leaded him to train and travel a lot in the direction of the most beautiful places on the planet where he could satisfie his curiosity and desire to confront with the rock. This curiosity towards nature drove him to study it until reach a graduation in Geology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, but his true passion concerned the training, the world of competitions and the sport in which he believes deeply as an educational tool. This passion translated into the strong need to convey this to his athletes, small and adults, with a special interest to the younger, accompanying them as Coach on their sporting path.

Guided by the Sports Principle of “always give the best of himself” and by the desire to continue to improve, in 2010 he came back again at the university, this time at the univeristy of Bologna in the course of “Sports Sciences” and in 2014 he graduated with a Thesis titled “Protocol of work on hip mobility for the athletes of the Italian national youth bouldering”.

During his university period he had several working experiences as a coach of sports groups and as Routesetter in Italy and abroad, working in Germany as Head Routesetter. Became in 2012 Federal Instructor F.A.S.I., French National Routesetter F.f.m.e. and Italian National Routesetter F.A.S.I. for “Bouldering” , accumulating many experiences in competitions at national and international level.

In the last period he came back to the gymnastics Gym where he started his sports career this time as a coach. Since January 2017 he became the National Technical Delegate in the council of the Italian Climbing Federation.

He collaborates with professionals in the sport field such as his partner Giorgia Benecchi, graduated in “sport sciences” osteopathic student, artistic gymnastics coach and Ex athlete of artistic gymnastics of the national Team and Ex professional pole vaulter for the Army Sports Center.