Within my trainer activity, It converge all my skills and experiences in Sport Science, National Routesetter, and artistic gymnastics coach.

I think training is mainly a synergy between coach, athlete and training partners, whereby the human relationships and the joy in training time are the prerogatives needed to make sport at high levels.

The group of Athletes I start from Yc to Senior athletes and there are lead specialists, Boulder specialists and Combinatists.

The training activities are based on facilities in Modena (Italy) such as the climbing gym “Rock’n fire”, in the multisports center of the Firefighters of Modena and in gymnastics artistic’s Gym “Panaro”, through custom programming for every athlete Who share a common workout time.

In my coaching work i collaborate with Giorgia Benecchi, graduate in sports sciences,student in Osteopathy. artistic gymnastics trainer, EX athlete of the national team of gymnastics and ex professional pole vaulter of the Army sports team.