At the start of this week when the temperatures were better than now I did the first repetition of “Lucifero “, a beautiful line by @valdo_chilese .

LUCIFERO- Val Daone, Settore, dos dei aser

This summer I spent a lot of time In this amazing valley. Every time it gives me a lot of fun and it still to make me dream with new problems to discover and to try. I love deeply this place and I was been quite impressed about the number of people who enjoed the valley this year. I think the high frequentation that the valley are reaching is a really good things but we all have to remember the few rules to respect the rocks and the other climbers and turists: brushing the holds and deleting tick marks before leaving and bringing back to the village your rubbish.


Not really a good behavior to leave the holds in this conditions…

Our holidays are finished but I left here some projects…the rendezvous is for the next week ends!

Here the video  of a new boulder I started to try in the past summer and i sent in the past weeks. It was born “Come un pesce fuor d’acqua ” in the sector Atlantide in val daone.



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