The iaido is the art of extracting the sword, it’is used in duels between samurai where the death of one (or both) the contenders usually occurred after one or at most two exchanges. Obviously in these conditions the technical skill required was maximum and it was also possible that a duel could end even with just the extraction of the sword and the next single swipe….here then explained the importance of the art of extracting the sword in the life of the samurai….

I’m really happy to did the first ascent of this amazing piece of rock. I called it “IAIDO KATA GOEMON”, one fast move…the extraction of the sword and the hit to the enemy. 🙂

Thank you to

Luis for having cut the dried trees on the right ..with those everything would been more..dangerous;
Giorgia for …spotting me….:-)
Goemon Ishikawa for teaching me the ancient art of the Iaido
Mauro for the shoes.