Sometime the boulders seems a closed door that you knock without to have any answers. But other times if you are headstrong and a little bit lucky as well the right things mix together in the same moment: a little blow of wind, a good advice of a friend, the crux sequence performed in the best way and …the door opens.

The most beautiful things are unexpected too. During my last day of my trip of 3 months i sent KARMA!!! i think one of most beautiful problems in the forest. i’m really glad!!!..and even a little proud! a dream became true. I ever dream to do that Boulder since i went in font for The first time.

Many thanks to the crew of Le Bloc for the cheering!!! Thank to Dami for the Support and him i didn’t have the footage…
Thank you to Dirk and Stefan of the Gym E4 to gave me the guidebook of font before my leaving from Nurnberg…without which probably i wouldn’t have found karma neither! ;-P