The future is here, in front of our eyes and our concern is to do our best to be able to express it in the next years.

The U14 Italian Championships (Yc and younger) is really most than a ranking. It’s a great moment of learning and remarkable value for children, coaches, routesetters and for our sport in general. It’s a time to put everything in discussion to understand the direction to take. Incredible to see these categories in action and the big potential of their skills. The curiosity that drives you to learn is at the base of constant improvement and the enthusiasm of trying to push a little further and stimulate it in the right direction, I think are the key to success. Congratulations to all the participants, the winners and Niky of Rock n ‘Fire who proved to be a little athlete fighting till the end. Thanks to the routesetters team with which I had the pleasure to work, great to see the passion that drove them during the setting! @marco__giorgio #arco #wildclimb #rockslave #italianyouthchampionship #bouldering #climbing #skills #future #potential




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